VIG Solar & Electric Warranty - Additional Peace of Mind

There are many great reasons to choose VIG Solar and Electric, but perhaps the best indicator of a company that’s sure of its products and services is it’s warranty. 

Our work is backed by our unbeatable 25 year warranty on all solar and solar installation.

Residential Solar Warranty

We are committed to using panels made by solar industry leaders in manufacturing. Tested to deliver at the highest standards, our solar panels all carry a 25 year warranty.

Your inverter is the heart of your solar system, so we use only the most advanced inverter technology available, allowing for the most reliable green-energy available today.

Analyzing and monitoring your solar system’s energy potential requires cutting edge technology to be precise. We’ll guarentee the performance of your solar system, because we’re VIG.

The rack your panels sit in is integral to the overall performance of your green-energy solar system. That’s why we only use the best, and offer a 25 year guarantee. 

Our team of professional installers has the experience and knowledge to deliver a product that will power your home. We guarantee all of our work, and materials, everytime.

What if I sell my home?

We know that the investment you’ve made in green-energy solar has increased your home’s value and we are so committed to standing behind our work, products and name, that we will transfer the warranty of your solar system to anyone you sell your home to. This solar system warranty transfer is an additional selling feature that will help get your home sold fast!

Warranty Tranfer with house sale

Commercial Solar Warranty Program

VIG Solar and Electric offers a commercial warranty program for our business clients.

  • A 10 year warranty on  performance
  • A 10 year warranty on workmanship
  • A 25 year warranty on power performance