Las Vegas Solar Energy

Earth Friendly

Renewable, clean and abundant, solar energy produces no carbon emissions or greenhouse gases. Call VIG Solar today for a free green energy consultation. What’s good for the earth is good for you!

Energy Independent

Going solar unplugs you from the aging and inadequate energy grid, allowing you to be energy independent, and protecting you from rising energy costs and blackouts. Going green was never easier. VIG has the solutions you need.

Lifetime Savings

When you invest in solar, you invest in a lifetime of savings. Install a complete home green energy system for about the same as your current monthly bill and never pay the electricity company again.

With VIG, It's Easy

At VIG Solar, we put all of the pieces together for you, from consultation to installation. We’ll even fill out the paperwork for local, state and federal tax rebates and incentives – you won’t need to do a thing.

Why go solar? Just read the news.

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Are you ready to go solar?

There’s no better time to go solar, and there’s no better company to go solar with. VIG Solar’s team of experts specialize in all things green, from complete solar system installation and maintenance to electric vehicle charging stations, and so much more. Our goal is to educate our customers, inspire the move to green energy and provide you with modern energy solutions, all while providing white-glove service, added-value, professionalism, and expertise that is unmatched.¬†





One of the most important elements of a green energy solar system, an inverter converts  the direct current (DC) electricity that your solar panels generate, to alternating current (AC) electricity so that your power supply is regulated and all the electrical elements of your home can be powered. Inverters have different input and output voltage that equate to a wattage output. Our VIG Solar experts will do an energy audit of your home to help determine your unique needs.

Solar Panels

Harnessing the power of the sun, solar panels work by capturing sunlight with a series of photovoltaic cells arranged in a panel, as a source of radiant energy. This energy is then converted into electric energy in the form of direct current (DC) electricity then runs through your inverter and is converted to alternating current (AC) energy that your home uses for power. How many solar panels would you need to power up your home? VIG Solar will do an energy audit to help you find out. Call us!

Electrical Panels

Every home with electricity has an electrical panel. This panel distributes energy throughout your home, to every room of your house through your home’s wiring, light switches and outlets. When you add a green energy solar system to your home, this system is connected to your electrical panel. Modifications will need to be made to your electrical panel to make this connection. VIG Solar is a total home solution, so you won’t have to have an outside electrician make these modifications. We’ll do it as part of the total service we offer!

Electric Meters

Measuring the flow of electricity into and out of your home, an electric meter is part of every grid-connected home’s electrical system. In traditional energy homes, this meter is what measures your usage (the power that’s come into your home and has been used) and this information is used to produce your energy bills. In a solar powered home, this meter measures any additional grid-power that is needed in event of a deficiency, and measure the amount of excess power you send back to the grid, which will result in money in your pocket. Averaging 294 days per year of sunshine, southern Nevada is the perfect place to install power. VIG Solar can help!

Energy Storage Systems

When you invest in a green energy solar system, you want to make sure your investment is fully realized, and that means installing a state of the art energy storage system(ESS). An ESS gives you the capability to store the excess energy you harness from the sun for use when you aren’t bringing in energy, such as at night or during cloudy days. This means you will always have power during peak demands and always have power if there is a grid blackout. VIG Solar will help determine how much storage capacity is right for your home.

I can’t believe how easy VIG made it to get off the grid. If you are concerned about the cost of rising energy costs like we were, you should definitely call them. We had a complete system installed and realized a savings the next month. We feel more secure knowing we won’t be impacted by blackouts or outrageous energy bills!

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Need Solar?

With energy prices soaring, an aging electric grid and rebates, tax breaks and other incentives at an all-time high, and VIG’s in-house financing, there has never been a better time to go solar.
The professionals at VIG Solar are experts at modern, green energy solutions. Let us help you harness the power of the sun!