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VIG Solar of Las Vegas goes above and beyond for your electric vehicle charging needs, giving you the power to control your energy consumption, save money, and travel sustainably. Offering a complete portfolio of charging and energy management solutions for residential, business and public use VIG Solar makes it easy to go green.

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So you bought an electric vehicle?

When you purchase an electric vehicle, you are stepping into the future, but that future requires unique solutions. You can use one of the 418 public charging stations in the Las Vegas Valley, but that requires waiting for your battery to charge, and often times, requires you to wait for a charger to become available and pay to use it. VIG Solar  will step into the future with you, and provide modern green energy technology to help you get your electric vehicle on the road, quickly, easily and sustainably.

When you have an electric vehicle and you choose to install green-energy solar at your home, you can take advantage of the power of the sun to power not just your home, but your EV too. This will save you time because you can charge your EV conveniently at home, AND it will save you money, because solar energy is, well, FREE.

Level 2 Charging Station


Level 2 charging stations are the most common choice for home charging. With up to 48 amps of power, an hour of charging equals 12 miles of drive time.

Able to plug directly into your existing home outlet, Level 2 chargers plug into your EV’s onboard charger, which acts as an inverter and converts the AC power to DC stored power.

Level 3 Charging Station


When you need to have a charging solution for your fleet vehicles, or place of business, Level 3 chargers, commonly called ‘super chargers’ or “DC chargers’ are your solution. Level 3 chargers provide a faster charge time by bypassing the onboard charger and supplying DC power directly to the battery.

DC fast charger locations are available online, creating the potential to draw more customers to your business.

FAQs About EV CHarging

Depending upon the charging system and the type of battery in your car, you can typically drive between 107 miles and 360 miles on a full charge.  Your EV car manual should provide more information.

If you plug your EV into an ordinary 120 volt outlet, you can expect a full charge overnight or in about 8hours. If you plug into a 240 volt outlet, you can expect charge-time to be about 4 hours.

With a Level 1 EV charging station, your car will charge to 80% in about an hour. Call VIG Solar today and get started!

  • Electricity demand increases, on average, about 1% per year.
  • NASA’s Glenn Research Center released a study in 2008 that concluded that an increase of 80 million electric vehicles would create a .5% incremental peak demand.
  • NVDMV reported a 130% increase in EV registrations from 2020-2021. The state has applied for $38 million in federal funds over the next four and a half years to expand the EV charging network.
    All of this begs the question, can the aging electric grid handle all this additional demand for power?
    While there are reportedly plans in the making to upgrade the power grid to handle this huge spike of new demand, the true questions is, can they do it fast enough? Many of the power lines that would need upgrading are buried underground, creating a traffic nightmare to improve – and we’ve all experienced the speed at which infrastructure improvement takes.
    EV owners would be wise to look at the current situation, and increasing demand, and understand that it is in their personal best interests to create their own solution to the energy problem, rather than rely on government and local utilities. EV owners (and in fact ALL homeowners) who choose to upgrade their homes with green energy solar will not only save money on energy bills, but disconnect from the aging grid and be energy independent, allowing them to continue to charge and drive their vehicles and live in comfort, even in a blackout or demand for reduced energy consumption.

If you are interested in a conversation about an EV Charger for your home or business, contact us today!

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I had an EV charging station installed by VIG and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I don’t have to look for a place to plug my car in at anymore, because I just charge it at home. After their green energy consultation, that came with my install, we’re considering upgrading our whole home to solar energy. What a great company to work with! Highly recommend!

J. Martinez – Southern Highlands


Committed to providing whole-home green energy solutions, VIG Solaris the trusted name to call when you need an EV charging station. From our complimentary energy audit to installation, our team of master technicians will help you in your quest to live more sustainably. Call us today and let’s go green.