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VIG Solar is committed to providing complete and total green energy solutions for your home. When you need to purchase new HVAC components, you can rely on us to install the most energy efficient and reliable products available.  Call us today and we’ll provide a free home energy consultation and upgrade your heating and air conditioning, making your home more comfortable and energy efficient. VIG Solar. A name you can trust.

Air conditioning

You can trust the experts at VIG to help you choose the right cooling products for your home. Our team of HVAC professionals have years of experience designing and installing air conditioning systems in Las Vegas. We’ll recommend the best systems that are energy efficient, quiet, and deliver dependable performance so you stay cool. When the temperatures go up outside, you can depend on your cooling system to keep you comfortable indoors. Contact VIG today to learn about our selection of quality air conditioning systems and our professional installation services!

Making sure cracks around your windows and doors are sealed, having a programmable thermostat, making sure you have airflow around and shading your condenser, and keeping your air conditioner properly maintained is all important to efficiency, however, it all starts with making sure you have an energy efficient system that is the right size for your home. Call VIG today and we’ll help you choose the most efficient air conditioning unit for your home. 

Besides the main benefit, which is comfort, there are a lot of benefits to air conditioning. Air conditioning allows you to work more efficiently, increasing productivity and clear thinking. It improves air quality, and also creates a better environment for sleep. Well rested people are healthier people!

On average, an air conditioning system that is properly maintained will last about 16 years. If you are getting close to that amount of time on your current system, or just want to make sure you have the most energy-efficient air conditioning unit available, give us a call! We’d love to help.

Energy efficient cooling systems from your team of Las Vegas air conditioning experts.

Creative heating and cooling solutions for your unique needs. Call the professionals at VIG Solar today.

Heat Pumps

A great solution that works to provide both heating and cooling for your home or business. Heat pumps have SEER ratings and HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) ratings that measure efficiency. The higher the rating, the greater the energy savings. A very efficient alternative to electric heat, heat pumps work the same as an AC unit in the summer but run in reverse in the winter, thus producing heat for your home. Improve the comfort of your home and save energy at the same time. VIG Solar and Electric has a team of professionals dedicated to just that. Call us today!

Heat pumps work in a similar way that air conditioners work, but in addition to cooling your home, they can reverse the flow of refrigerant, allowing for electric heat transfer into your home. Are you considering a heat pump? Contact us to see if a heat pump is right for your home!

If a heat pump is installed and running correctly, they can be very efficient. Because we can about the earth and care about our local community, you can be sure that the experts at VIG Solar and Electric will always recommend the most green and cost saving products to heat and cool your home with. Get in touch today.

Just like choosing a different kind of heating or cooling system, the size of the heat pump you need  depends upon your home and specific needs. the professionals at VIG Solar and electric can help you decide on the perfect heat pump for your home. Call today.


Be prepared for cold weather when it strikes. VIG Solar and Electric can help with safe, reliable, and energy efficient furnace options for your home, professionally installed for your peace of mind. We’ll provide a complimentary energy consultation so we can provide you with the most suitable options. You choose your heating unit and we’ll get it installed quickly by our team of master electricians. When the air gets cold, trust VIG Solar to get you warmed back up. We’ve earned the reputation for doing things right. Call us today!

The best furnaces are the ones that you can rely on, whether it’s for your home or business. Efficient, quiet, dependable performance and low service needs. When it comes to choosing the right furnace, you can trust the experts at VIG Solar and Electric. Contact us today!

VIG Solar and Electric has been providing HVAC services since 1996. We are a multi-generational company founded right here in the Las Vegas Valley. Our team of experts work here and live here. No one is more committed to the health and well-being of our community than VIG. From solar to heating and cooling and everything in between. You can count on VIG Solar to keep you comfortable, keep you green and keep you powered up. Call now!

We offer and install the best furnaces in Las Vegas. Let us heat up your home.

Putting control at your fingertips. VIG Solar has the solution.

Thermostats & Controls

A small device that makes a big difference. Choosing a thermostat that’s right for your home or business makes a measurable difference in the comfort level of your home and conserving energy. VIG Solar has a range of thermostats and controls available, from traditional, programmable thermostats to smart thermostats that will communicate directly with your heating and cooling system at the touch of a button, to help you go green. Are you interested in creating different zones that can be programmed independently? We can help with that too! Give us a call and we’ll assist you in determining what will work best for your home.

With our programmable thermostats, you choose how your heating and cooling system works by setting your desired temperature and schedule and then it goes to work. Make the most of your heating and cooling system and call VIG today.

Conserve energy and reduce costs with a Smart Thermostat. You can have precise temperature control using a tablet, smartphone or computer from virtually anywhere. No matter where you are, you can adjust the temperature of your home quickly and conveniently with VIG Solar and Electric.

If you have a central thermostat, your heating and cooling system relies on the reading at the thermostat to heat or cool your home. It doesn’t take into account a west facing bedroom or the fact that you may prefer to be cooler in your home office. Zoning your home, means you can control the climate of each ‘zone’s’ temperature independently from the others. This allows you to adjust a zone to the comfort of the person who lives in that space, or to the direction the zone faces. Every room in your home can be perfectly comfortable. VIG Solar can make your home smart, so every zone is perfect. Contact us!

Indoor Air Quality

Never has it been more important to have safe air to breathe. From fresh air ventilators and humidifiers to air filtration products, VIG Solar is committed to make your home or business safe. Schedule an in-home consultation with one of our HVAC specialists and we’ll make sure your home has the best air quality possible. VIG Solar, we’re a breath of fresh air.

Did you know that studies done by the EPA show that the air inside most modern homes can be 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside – even in the smoggiest cities? VIG can address airborne pollutants and improve your indoor air quality with whole home air cleaners and filters. Just give us a call!

Dry air can worsen a range of health issues from dry skin and nose bleeds to sore throats and dry eyes. If you need help balancing the air moisture in your home, VIG Solar can help with a humidity control system that will help keep your home from feeling too dry. Contact us to learn more.

VIG Solar offers whole-home solutions for improved air quality, which is vital to your health. Our ventilation solutions mean you can reduce virus particles and airborne pollutants in your home. Swap fresh, outdoor air and breathe easier, while reducing energy waste today. Just call VIG!

Fresh air experts for Las Vegas homes and businesses. Call VIG.

Last winter, VIG Solar did a home energy audit for us and we learned our air conditioning unit really needed to be upgraded so we could reduce our power needs and be more green. We had our new AC unit installed and deciding to upgrade our furnace at the same time. We’ve been through a summer with our new AC and are starting to use our furnace this season and the savings has been pretty incredible. We’re thinking about adding the tankless hot water heater they recommended soon, and have even been considering going solar. If you are concerned about the environment, I’d give them a call. They have a lot of energy conservation solutions available!

F. Conrad – Sun City

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With over 26 years of experience, we have all the experience, knowledge and professionalism to handle your home or business green-energy needs. We are a local, multi-generational family business, providing services to our local Las Vegas community. We’ve worked out the bugs of starting a business years ago, so you can trust that we will be around to take care of you well into the future. We offer the best solutions, most professional service, an extensive warranty for your products and an amazing referral program. Contact us today to experience the VIG Solar and Energy difference.