Smart Home Technology in Las Vegas

VIG Solar in Las Vegas specializes in Smart Home Technology systems that are custom-tailored to your home and your family’s needs. We will help you design systems that match your unique lifestyle and can even provide and recommend energy efficient electronics and appliances including TV’s, speakers, sprinkler systems, automation controllers, appliances and more.

Increase your comfort, enhance your lifestyle, reduce your power consumption and control your home technology easily.

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Smart Home Technology

Enhancing the day to day living experience in your home, while being energy conscious, Smart Home technology and automation works seamlessly to integrate all of the technology in your your home, utilizing one, simple to use system. From your TVs and lights to your sprinklers and thermostat, you can quickly manage all of the functions in your home from a touch screen on a wall, or from any room in your home from your hand-held remote. You’re not at home? Not a problem. You can manage your home remotely, with the touch of a few buttons, right from your smart phone. If you’re not sure what you can automate, contact us for a smart home technology consultation!

Smart Comfort

If there is one thing that you want, it’s to be comfortable in your own home, but high energy costs make it expensive to keep your home a perfect temperature while you are away to be comfortable when you walk in the door. What if you could turn your air conditioning down when you leave work? What if you could shut your west facing blinds remotely each afternoon? Our automated comfort solutions will maximize energy efficiency easily, saving you money and keeping you comfortable.

Exterior Cameras, Lights, and Locks

Before you step into the ultimate smart home, you are met with high resolution outdoor security cameras that capture motion-triggered video, enhanced by motion-triggered lighting. Creating a well-lit and secure entry does a lot to deter people who mean harm away from your home, so your family can have peace of mind. At VIG Solar, we care about your safety and security, so we offer solutions for your home  that allow you to rest at ease, whether you are home or not. Check your cameras, turn on and off interior and exterior lights and double check your door locks from anywhere in your home, or even when you are away.


Let VIG Solar make your home a technological wonder

  • Smart appliances like washer and dryers, refrigerators, coffee makers and microwaves and more
  • Smart interior lighting
  • Smart exterior lighting
  • Smart security cameras
  • Smart locks
  • Smart TV’s 
  • Smart Audio Systems
  • Smart Climate Control
  • Smart Irrigation
  • Smart Window blinds

Your entire home can be intelligently programmed and managed from a single hub, where every devise can be triggered, or timed, depending upon the needs of your family.
Triggered events are events that are triggered by an action, such as your smartphone approaching your front door and it automatically unlocks.
Timed events are scheduled events, such as turning on exterior lights at 6:00pm so you can arrive home to a lit exterior.
Having a smart home means you will save energy, be more comfortable and have more security and peace of mind. Let VIG Solar and Electric provide a free Smart Home Consultation!

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There are an estimated 63 million smart homes in the U.S. currently
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The smart home market is expected to grow 25% from 2020-2025
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86% of millennials say they would pay more for a smart home
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Upgrading to a smart home can mean a 50% energy savings

You wouldn’t think you could turn a 25 year old home into a Smart Home, but VIG did it. Our home had unique challenges to update it, but they managed to find solutions that worked for us and still stayed on budget. Truly professional, we have already recommended VIG to our neighbors and family who are impressed with how much smarter our home is. Thank you VIG Solar!

Tanya L. – Henderson, NV