1. Solar reduces your monthly costs. Yes, there is an out-of-pocket expense to adding solar to your home, but once it’s a part of your home, living in Las Vegas, you’ll likely never have to pay for electricity again. With an average of 294 sunny days in southern Nevada, the odds are in your favor that your system will produce the energy you need to stay grid independent.
  2. Solar is a great return on your investment. The investment you make on solar will be recouped in spades. According to Eco-watch, the average homeowner in Nevada saves $18,319 over the lifetime of their solar system. That’s better than putting your money in a savings account! In sunny locations, like Las Vegas, solar can even make you money, because you can sell excess power you produce back to the grid at the same rate that the power company sells it to customers for.
  3. Solar is environmentally sustainable. A real and growing demand for renewable energy is taking place in our state, across our country, and in fact, around the world. Consumers and businesses are increasingly weighing environmental impact and policies and taking sustainability into consideration. By choosing solar, businesses are contributing to the commitment of carbon-cutting renewable energy and contributing to growing a more sustainable world.
  4. There are tax incentives for installing solar. You already read about the savings you are going to realize from a reduction in your energy bills, but did you know that there are many local, state and federal tax advantages put in place to incentivize home and business owners to go green? In the right tax situation, a property owner can save up to 50% off the cost of their solar system. The best part? When VIG Solar and Electric installs your solar system, we’ll do all of the paperwork required to make sure you get every incentive and tax credit available!
  5. You don’t have to budget to pay your power bill. Energy costs have been volatile, to put it mildly. In the past 10 years, electricity costs have increased by 70% across the country. Nevada has seen an 8% increase in just the past year. When prices fluxuate, it is difficult to stay on budget, but with solar, you won’t have to worry about an increase in rates, because once your solar system is installed, the sun is, well, free!
  6. Solar reduces your carbon footprint. By using power from the sun, instead of electricity  generated from other sources, you can be a great steward of the earth and contribute to the sustainability culture. Solar generated power is as clean as it gets, and here in Las Vegas, it’s abundant. Harness the power of the sun!
  7. Solar requires limited maintenance. A properly installed solar system requires no day-to-day maintenance and only occasional cleaning and maintenance to operate efficiently.
  8. Flexible financing is available. There are several financing options available to home and business owners alike, many of which require little to no up-front costs. There is a solution for everyone who might be interested. At VIG Solar, you don’t have to go looking for financing. We have in-house financing solutions that make it easy.
  9. You’ll provide your family safety and security from energy blackouts. With aging grid infrastructure, energy shortages and the push toward electric vehicles, our struggling electrical grid across the country is having a difficult time handling the needs. Nearly every day, you hear of a blackout or brownout in part of the country and those power outages come with real consequences for businesses and homeowners alike. When you choose to upgrade to a solar system, you become energy independent. you won’t need to worry about losing power. That’s peace of mind everyone should have.
  10. You’ll increase the value of your home. So many people are aware of carbon-footprint, sustainability, climate change. It’s a trend that is not going away and homeowners are smart to invest in green-energy solar, because more and more potential buyers are looking for green-energy and smart homes – and they’re willing to pay more for it too. Across the country, home values of solar powered homes are 4.1% higher. Additionally, most millinials are looking specifically for homes that are green and/or have smart home technology already built into them. Sell your home faster, and for more when you invest in green and smart systems for your home.

Make the move to solar today. VIG Solar and Electric will make it easy. We’ll talk about your goals and challenges, present you with options and let you choose what will work best for your home or business. We’ll design and install your system and do all of the paperwork to get you all available tax credits and incentives. You just sit back and save.

In case you need more reasons to choose VIG, we have great warranties and a referral program that will earn you serious cash!

Call us today, and let’s go green!